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Family Planning Advice

Given by all doctors during normal surgery hours. Advice on Natural Family Planning is available from the district midwives.


Available - ask at Reception by appointment only

Practice Nurse Clinics

  • Well Women
  • Well Man
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes  
  • C.O.P.D.
  • Rheumatoid monitoring
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease

Phlebotomy Clinic

We have a phlebotomist based in the surgery on a Thursday and Friday morning from 8.30 - 12.00 noon. Please contact reception to make an appointment.

Please let reception know if this is a fasting blood test as they will try to fit you in as early as possible. If you are unsure about this, please ask at reception.

Maternity Care

An Antenatal Clinic is held on Wednesday at 1pm - 3.30pm (with the exception of our once a month protected learning time/staff training which is held on a Wednesday afternoon. For more details please see the Home page). An appointment is necessary.

Well Baby Clinic

A Well Baby Clinic is held on Thursday at 1pm - 3pm. Children can be weighed and vaccinated. The health visitor and doctor will give advice if requested. An appointment is necessary.

Travel Advice

The surgery can offer advice and immunisations.

Please ask about injections well in advance of your proposed visit abroad. (There may be a charge for some courses of treatment.)

Minor Surgery

If you have been advised by a Doctor to attend the minor surgery clinic please see reception to be put on the waiting list.

We will contact you with an appointment at the earliest available date.


Emergency Dental Services

GPs are not responsible for treating dental problems.

GPs should not attempt to manage a condition requiring dental skills unless they have appropriate training.

Both the civil courts and the GMC require doctors to have appropriate skills for any treatment they offer.

Patients should be advised to contact local emergency dental services or the emergency department.

General dental practitioners have the ethical responsibility to provide access to advice and emergency treatment for patients, including those under a private contract.

General dental practitioners have an ethical responsibility to provide access to emergency treatment outside normal hours.

NHS commissioning bodies are responsible for out-of-hours dental care. Most provide emergency out-of-hours dental treatment, and they may also buy in-hours open access urgent sessions from dental practices.

Legal and contractual obligations

Before refusing to treat a patient asking for emergency dental treatment, the GP must ascertain that the condition requires only dental treatment.

Primary care teams must judge the nature of the patient's condition by undertaking reasonable enquiries and, where appropriate, a clinical assessment.

Having established an apparent dental problem, GPs or practice teams should direct the patient to a dentist or local emergency service, or refer them to secondary care.

Everyone in the practice team must do their best to ensure the patient doesn't need the attention of a GP when signposting.

If the patient has no usual dentist or there is no response from the usual dentist, the patient should contact NHS 111.

Patients presenting with signs of spreading infection or systemic involvement of a dental infection should be referred immediately to secondary care for appropriate surgical management.

The GP's obligation to refer is set out in the GMS and PMS regulations.

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